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Make check out to Charles Barton for $575 due the 1st of each month, send to:

C.E. Barton
10878 Westheimer, #202
Houston, TX 77042

The electric and phone (will include DSL Internet charges as of 6-30-04) bills are automatically deducted from your Discover and Visa cards respectively. As of 7-22-04, the electric bill has already started the automatic billing, phone bill should start next month (August, 2004).

Electric varies from $100-150 per month -- higher in summer, lower in winter. Next month (August) should be the highest bill.
July bill was 125.01.

The phone bill I won't be able to get a figure on until the DSL charges are on the bill and the other charges are dropped and then I will change this page.
July bill was $68.71.
Aug bill was $111.37 charged to your Discover (the auto-billing still hasn't kicked in, as of 7-29-04). This one included the new DSL charges plus the one-time setup for DSL. I'm looking at the options to drop, but will call them this week, as the plans I have are no longer listed as options on their website, so I'm not sure what all I have and what I need to get rid of.

There is still an AOL charge until I get everything transferred to the new system. The transfering program that came with the DSL service won't work with AOL, so I must add everything to the new system, which I am in the process of doing.
July bill was $23.95.